Whole30 Movie Snacks So Good You Won’t Even Miss Popcorn!

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The movie theater concessions stand is a dangerous—not to mention ridiculously expensive—temptation for us all.

From sugar-loaded sodas, candies and popcorn doused in some mysterious “butter flavored” sauce, there’s not much there for someone on a Whole30. Luckily, we put together an entire list of tasty Whole30-compliant movie snack alternatives that will undoubtedly satisfy your movie-time snacking needs!

While some of these ideas may require a bit more prep-time than others, all make great movie-snack stand-ins, minus the sugar crash!

1) Veggies and Guacamole

By chopping some carrots and bell peppers into matchsticks and packing them up in a Tupperware with a side of homemade Whole30 guac in a little jar (these are lifesavers!) you’ll have a hearty, healthful snack that’ll keep you full.

No time to make your own guacamole? Costco stocks compliant and portioned mini cups of compliant guacamole! So easy!

2) Homemade Kale Chips

Whole30 Movie Snacks

According to Whole30 guidelines, any store-bought chip-like snacks–yes, even the “healthy” veggie ones–are no longer allowed on the program. However, oven-baked, homemade versions are A-OK! These DIY kale chips pack some veggie goodness in a crunchy snack perfect for movie-watching.

3) Epic Bars

Whole30 Movie Snacks

These awesome jerky-inspired “bars” are pure protein–made from high-quality protein sources mixed with other yummy ingredients like dried cranberries.

Epic Bars are super portable and super tasty. Do note, however, that not all flavors are Whole30 compliant as some are sweetened with sugars other than the approved fruit juice. Check out the company’s Whole30 Starter Kit to see everything they offer that is a-okay!

Epic bars are available on Amazon for easy purchasing, as well as other online retailers and in many brick and mortar grocery stores.

You can also learn more about other Whole30 friendly bars here!

4) Paleo Trail Mix

Whole30 Movie Snacks

Nom Nom Paleo’s delicious trail mix features some nuts, dried fruits and coconut for a well-rounded handful. Be careful with things like nuts and dried fruit, however–many people find them to be a food-with-no-brakes and can be easily overeaten!

5) Homemade Plantain Chips

Whole30 Movie Snacks

Another oven roasted homemade chip that make great theater munchies. Careful…these are addicting!

6) Larabars

Larabars have been a Whole30 favorite since the beginning. Due to many people overusing them as a candy bar replacement, the guidelines have changed to discourage them as an anytime-food, but still allow as an emergency snack. So, be mindful of your Larabar consumption, but still feel free to include them occasionally.

We’ve actually made a handy guide to help you decipher the compliant Larabars vs the non-compliant ones – see our Whole30 Larabar guide here!

7) RxBars

These bars follow the same rules as Larabars–they’re technically compliant, but not to be relied on. Throw one from the Whole30 pack in your bag for emergency snacking (you can get most RxBars on Amazon, including the Blueberry, Coconut Chocolate, and Mixed Berry flavors found in the Rx Whole30 pack)!

8) Paleo Almond Cocoa Mocha Balls

Whole30 Movie Snacks

These yummy little energy balls taste like homemade Larabar bites. The coffee and cocoa will be a nice pick-me-up to keep you going through a long movie!

9) Seaweed Chips

Whole30 Movie Snacks

Check out this Popsugar recipe for another homemade chip replacement. Seaweed is a nutrient-dense superfood and an excellent source of iodine!

10) Carrot Chips

Whole30 Movie Snacks

Another healthy “chip” recipe from Popsugar, these baked carrot chips would be delicious on their own or dipped in a side of that guacamole you made earlier.

11) Pumpkin Hummus

Whole30 Movie Snacks

Don’t worry! This compliant “hummus” is legume-free! Made from pumpkin, this festive fall dip pairs beautifully with some crunchy raw veggies.

12) Spicy Baked Pumpkin Seeds

Whole30 Movie Snacks

Think twice about tossing the leftover seeds from when you made your pumpkin hummus! Toss a little chili and paprika with pumpkin seeds and bake them to spice up your movie snack options.

13) Apple Slices and Almond Butter

A favorite Whole30 snack, slice up some apple and pack it up with a super convenient squeeze pack of compliant almond butter. Check out our roundup of compliant almond butter brands if you’d rather just buy a whole jar!

14) Savory Coconut Flakes

Whole30 Movie Snacks

Toast some coconut flakes in the oven with some spices for a satisfying snack. Eat them on their own or throw them in a trail mix!

15) Kombucha

Didn’t think we forgot about drinks, did you? Rather than a soda, turn to kombucha for a bubbly movie-watching beverage.

Choose your kombucha carefully, however–there are many brands of this fermented tea beverage out there, but only ones with no added sugar after the fermentation process are permitted.

If you’re up for making your own, we show you how to brew your own Whole30 compliant kombucha here!

16) La Croix

Any sparkling water will do, but how fun are the La Croix flavors? Make sure any sparkling water you choose has only natural flavors and–this should go without saying–no sweeteners!

Still feeling thirsty? We have more Whole30 drink ideas here if you’re feeling parched!

That concludes our list of portable movie theater snacks…make sure you bring a nice, big tote bag so you can sneak in a couple of your faves!

Did we miss your favorite? Share your best movie snack recipes and ideas in the comments!

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