Whole30 Bars: 6 Approved Protein Bars for Whole30

Whole30 Bars: Compliant Protein Bars


Meal bars are great for when you’re on the go – sometimes with our crazed and hectic lives, there just isn’t time for a sit down meal!

However, finding the right kind of bars can be a bit tougher on Whole30 – not just any old bars will do of course, since you’ll need to seek out protein bars that don’t have any added sugar or strange additives (and sadly, for many “health” bars, sugar and additives are the norm).

There are actually a few different Whole30 bars that you can use on your program, and we’ll detail them here to help with your program (plus show you where you can order them).

Official Whole30 Bars

These protein bars are officially endorsed by Whole30. These protein bars actually have meat as a base, making them more appropriate for the Whole30 program.

Epic Bars

Epic makes Whole30 compliant protein bars, along with jerky sticks, and bite packs (packs of protein bites), that are responsibly sourced from farmers who raise animals that are vegetarian fed, humanely treated, hormone-free and antibiotic.

The Epic foods are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, no added nitrates, low glycemic.

epic whole30

Their commitment to healthy snacks has earned them a spot as an official Whole30 partner, and they’re a great option for Whole30-ers who want some quick and tasty protein bars to get them through their program, guilt-free.

Epic Bars even offers a Whole30 starter kit! This starter kit is packed with 16 varieties of jerky, protein bars, and bites that are Whole30 approved to jumpstart your program and ensure that you always have some emergency foods on hand!

Note that while most Epic bars are Whole30 compliant, a couple of the bars contain brown sugar, which makes them not allowed on the program. The bars that contain brown sugar are the Bison Bacon Cranberry and the Wild Boar Bacon – so avoid those! Always double check ingredient lists to be safe, as ingredients may change.

Where to Get Them: You can purchase Epic bars and snack bites on the Epic website, Amazon, or for 25% off at Thrive Market.

Wild Zora Bars

Wild Zora Bars are meat and veggie protein bars that are officially endorsed by Whole30. Wild Zora Bars feature 100% natural meat (grass-fed beef with no antibiotics or hormones).

wild zora bars

These tasty sugar-free, Whole30-friendly bars are available in many flavors such as Chili Beef with Kale and Curry Masala Turkey with Spinach and Dates.

Where to Get Them: You can purchase Wild Zora Bars on the Wild Zora websiteonline on Amazon, or for 25% off at Thrive Market.

Primal Pacs

Primal Pacs is a paleo snack food company that produces jerkey, protein bars, and other snacks that are sugar free. These tasty meal packs use high-quality ingredients, healthy and responsible animal proteins, and have zero sweeteners and additives.

whole30 snacks

The beef or organically raised and grass-fed, there is only a very small amount of fruit (a problem which comes up with some of the bars we’ll discuss below), and the nuts are dry roasted with no vegetable oils. In short, these are true compliant bars (and are officially endorsed by Whole30).

Where to Get Them: You can order Primal Pacs on the Primal Pac website.



Unofficial Whole30 Bars

We’ve covered the Whole30 protein bars that are officially endorsed by Whole30.

The following protein bars are Whole30 compliant, but are not endorsed officially by the Whole30 program. The reason for this is that – while these bars are made with the highest quality, real, and authentic ingredients – they do make themselves susceptible to eating abuse.

The problem is that some of these bars are dried fruit and nut bars, and taste sweet – almost dessert like. They don’t have any sugar that isn’t fruit, so they are Whole30 compliant, but some people end up inadvertently using these sweet fruit bars to quell their sugar cravings.

Whole30 program organizers saw that individuals were defaulting to these fruit and nut bars to satisfy their sugar dragons, and so they took ALL fruit and nut bars off the official approved partners list.

On the opposite end of the protein bar spectrum, the officially endorsed Whole30 bars mentioned above use meat as the protein base and have very little, if any, fruits. They aren’t a sweet snack, and therefore are less likely to be abused as a sugar substitute. That’s why the above bars remain as officially endorsed Whole30 snacks.

However, just to be clear, the bars listed below – Larabars, RxBars, Beaver Bites, and Yawp Bars – are still Whole30 compliant. You can absolutely buy and eat these on Whole30. Just don’t abuse them by becoming reliant on them for a sweet fix. Only use these bars as an emergency food.

Now that we’ve made all that clear, let’s cover the rest of our Whole30 protein bars.


Larabars are tasty Whole30 compliant bars, using organic fruit and nuts to create a delicious, healthy protein bar.

Larabars are one of the more popular Whole30 bars, likely due to the fact that they are easier to find in stores (they are common in health food stores, Whole Food grocery stores, and Trader Joe’s).

larabar whole30 snack

These bars are GMO free and made with only real recognizable ingredients.

However, it’s important to note that while many Larabars are Whole30 compliant, not all are. See our guide to Whole30 compliant Larabars for more info.

Where to Get Them: You can find Larabars at several physical locations or on Amazon or for over 40% off at Thrive Market.

Clif Kit’s Organic

While traditional Clif bars are not compliant, there is a subset of Clif bars, called Kit’s Organic, that do offer some compliant options!

kits organic whole30 bar

Compliant Clif Kit’s Organics bars include:

Kit’s Organic Cashew: Organic Dates, Organic Cashews, Organic Almonds, Sea Salt. [available on Amazon]

Kit’s Organic Cherry & Pumpkin Seeds: Organic Dates, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Cherries, Organic Apples, Sea Salt, Organic Rosemary Extract. [available on Amazon]

Kit’s Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut: Organic Dates, Organic Almonds, Organic Unsweetened Dark Chocolate, Organic Coconut, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Sea Salt. [available on Amazon]

Kit’s Organic Dark Chocolate Walnut: Organic Dates, Organic Walnuts, Organic Unsweetened Dark Chocolate, Organic Almonds, Sea Salt, Organic Vanilla Beans. [available on Amazon]


RxBars are authentic paleo protein bars with no BS ingredients – in fact, RxBars never have more than 7 ingredients, which already sets them apart from the vast majority of “protein” bars.


RxBars use simple, clean, whole ingredients with no whey, no soy, no dairy, no GMO, no gluten, no added sugar, and no other additives.

Each Rx Bar contains 15 grams of protein from dried egg whites, making RxBars basically a complete mini-meal. Each bar also contains around 30 grams of carbohydrate from fruit, and between 7 and 14 grams of fat from coconut meat and oil.

RxBars come in numerous tasty flavors, and it’s awesome how the ingredients are listed right on the package – no tricks or deception here.

Where to Get Them: You can order RxBars online (Note: The chocolate items in this pack are 100% chocolate, making them compliant, but you’ll still need to avoid the peanut butter selection).

Pressed By Kind Bars

Pressed By Kind bars are produced by Kind, but are simple fruit and nut bars, which are Whole30 compliant.

pressed by kind bars

Apricot Pear Carrot Beat: Pear, apple, carrot, apricot, beet.

Pineapple Coconut Chia: Pineapple, apple, coconut, chia seeds.

Pineapple Banana Kale Spinach: Pineapple, banana, apple, kale, spinach.

Mango Apple Chia: Mango, apple, chia seeds.

Cherry Apple Chia: Cherry, apple, chia seeds.

Strawberry Apple Chia: Apple, strawberry, cherry, chia seeds.

Where to Buy: Available online and in stores. Grab this variety pack of Pressed by Kind bars on Amazon to try a mix of these tasty flavors!

Yawp Bars

yawp bars whole30

Yawp Bars are paleo protein bars featuring only whole, unprocessed ingredients with no fillers, no grain, no additives or preservatives, and no added sugars or sweeteners. These bars are packed with protein, are nutrient-dense, and are Whole30 compliant.

Where to Find Them: You can grab Yawp Bars online, with tasty flavors like Coconut Chai!

Do you know of any awesome Whole30-friendly protein bars we left out? Share your favorites in the comments (or tell us your favorite flavor of the bars listed here)!

  • Juno says:

    Thanks so much for pulling this list together!!

  • David Crane says:

    How about Quest bars?

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      No, looking at Quest Bar ingredients, they contain stevia, other sweeteners, corn protein, and other non-compliant ingredients.

  • Darcee says:

    What about the Pure Energy Bars?

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      Not sure what brand you are referring to. If you mean Pure Organic bars, no. Looks like they all contain rice protein. Looking at the ingredients yourself is the easiest way to find compliant items, but honestly, there are very few Whole30 compliant bars. I’d be surprised if you found any besides the ones listed here!

  • Sheri G says:

    What about shantibars?

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      No – they contains organic coconut nectar that, while healthier than most, is still a sweetener. That makes it a no go on Whole30.

  • Catherine says:

    OSKRI fruit bars are certified organic, gluten free and made from 100% fruit ONLY!!!! Tasty and totally compliant!

  • Donna says:

    What about r bars

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      Yes! It looks like all but the Camouflage bars are compliant (the Camouflage contains peanuts, which are not compliant).

  • Liz says:

    Thank you so much for this list! What about Pressed by Kind? http://www.kindsnacks.com/store/

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      Hey Liz – thanks for pointing me in the direction of these. Turns out “Pressed” by Kind bars are compliant! They only contain fruit and chia seeds. I’ll work on adding them to the list.

  • Adrianne says:

    Are Clif bars okay??

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      Normal Clif bars are not compliant, but some Clif Kit’s Organic bars are. Specifically, the Cashew, Cherry & Pumpkin Seeds, Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut, and Dark Chocolate Walnut are compliant.

      • Billy says:

        Have you looked into the new Clif organic filled bars? They’re very organic, but might not pass the sugar test. Thanks!

  • David says:

    I recently saw Pro-Bar Fuel bars at Costco (cherry pie and blueberry flavors). What do you think?

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      The Blueberry Pie, Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, and Carrot Cake look to be compliant. Coconut Dream is not since it has cane sugar.

  • Heather says:

    What about Paleo protein bars?

  • EmilyDavis says:

    What about Picky bars ??

  • sara says:

    are dale raw protein bars ok? Thanks!

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      No, please read the ingredients before asking. If you have read anything at all about the Whole30 diet, you should know that when the ingredients contain (and the very first ingredients at that): “rolled oats, rice protein, pea protein” there is no way that they are even remotely Whole30 compliant.

  • Chip says:

    What about Caveman bars?

  • tina says:

    Vegan Perfect Bars – Almond Coconut? They look as those these should have all ingredients that are Whole30 Approved.

  • Carla says:

    What about Think Thin Protein Bars?

  • Michelle CM says:

    What about soul sprout bars?

  • Alesa says:

    Thunderbird bars?

  • Jo says:

    Sunbutter dark chocolate bars. Are they whole30 compliant?

  • Amber says:

    How about ‘That’s it’ bars?
    (Sorry if that has already been asked and I missed it!)

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      Yup, these are good! They have only a few ingredients each and no added sugar. The fruit and zesty bars are definitely compliant. The veggie and truffle ones are not allowed though, as they contain legumes and dark chocolate/sugar.

  • andrea says:

    =Is any one familiar with the website barefoot provisions? They have a whole 30 section and some items such as bars by Thunderbird? How can I tell if approved in addition to reading the ingredients and making my own decision?

  • Andrea says:

    What about Chapul – Matcha Bars?

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      No, those contain pea protein, rice protein, coconut nectar (sweetener), among other non-compliant ingredients.

  • Patricia E says:

    I just came across Zego Bars are these compliant? https://zegosnacks.com/nutrition-facts/

    • LifeHealthHQ says:

      The “Just Fruit” and “Fruit + Chia” look OK, but all bars under the “Seed + Fruit” line contain sorghum syrup, which is a no go.

  • Tanya says:

    What about the Atlas Bars?

  • Sam says:

    What about a Wella Bar?

  • JG says:

    I wish Macro bars were on this list. By far my favorite meal replacement bar. Oh Well …….I will live!

  • DNX Bars are Whole30 Approved. Melissa is actually on the advisory board. Get 30% off any DNX Bars plus free shipping with coupon code WHOLE30 at https://dnxbar.com

  • Don says:

    RX bars totally have hidden ingredients. Make sure you read the packaging. just a little fyi

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