Affilate Links Disclousre

Life Health HQ contains some pages with affiliate links.

What are affiliate links?

An affiliate link refers to a specific kind of tracking link. When a sale is made via an affiliate link, we (Life Health HQ), get a small commission from the company who made the sale.

These commissions are often quite small, but they accumulate over time and are used to maintain Life Health HQ and pay for new content, better design, better software etc.

While we do receive incentivized commissions, we always strive to remain objective. We’ll never promote products or services merely because they offer affiliate commissions – we only promote programs that we truly believe can benefit and help our readers.

Not crazy about affiliate links? No problem – you can simply search for any retailer or service that we discuss in a new browser window and buy independently of our links.

As long as you are getting value from our content, we’re happy. 🙂