Whole30 Drinks: Refreshing, Compliant Thirst-Quenchers!

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When you’re on Whole30, your main drink should be H20. Heck, that goes for off Whole30 as well – good ol’ fashioned water is where it’s at!

Still, for those days when you just need something that’s not straight from the tap, mixing it up with a different drink can be nice.

That’s why we’re shinning the spotlight on Whole30 drinks – from seltzer water to tea, these Whole30-compliant liquids are true thirst-quenchers!

Officially Approved Whole30 Drinks

These drinks are featured on Whole30’s official list of approved vendors, so you know they are truly compliant!

whole30 approved drinks

1. Klio Tea

Klio Tea is a provider of natural, organic loose leaf teas from the mountains of Greece! Their teas are hand grown and packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, and phytonutrients. Basically, lots of good stuff!

This tea doesn’t just taste great – it’ll help keep you healthy too. A real win-win!

Where to Get It: You can get Klio Tea from their website online.

2. New Barn Almond Milk

If you’ve ever tried to find compliant store-bought Whole30 almond milk, you know it’s really tough. 99.9% of almond milk in store is full of nasty additives and sugars.

In fact, most prefer to just make it themselves. However, if you don’t have the time or aren’t interested in the effort, there is one option we can all be thankful for – New Barn!

New Barn’s Whole30-compliant, unsweetened almond milk is made with just four ingredients: almonds, water, organic acacia gum, and sea salt.

Where to Get It: New Barn can be found at many Whole Foods stores. Make sure you look for the green-capped container, as that’s the unsweetened version that is compliant!

3. La Croix

Seltzer is big these days, but La Croix is the true queen of the kingdom – this popular sparkling seltzer water brand takes the cake when it comes to amazing flavors with no guilty additives.

La Croix drinks are all natural – they’re sweetener, sodium, and calorie-free. However, they still manage to crank out amazing flavors like peach pair, passionfruit, mango, and – my personal favorite – coconut!

We also recommend grabbing your favorite La Croix flavors and going to town mixing up some tasty Whole30 mocktails for summertime parties.

Where to Get It: You can order La Croix online – try their variety pack!

4. Crio Bru

Hold on to your pants chocolate lovers – Crio Bru is a drink made of cacao beans that are roasted and ground for a tasty, natural brew that is 99% caffeine free and serves as a coffee alternative (coffee is allowed on Whole30, but we still think a cacao-based alternative is a pretty awesome idea)!

Try this chocolate-y brew and tell us what you think!

Where to Get It: You can order Crio Bru on Amazon or from other online retailers.

5. Choffy

Choffy is another coffee alternative for those looking to cut down on their caffeine intake. Made of 100% cacao beans that are roasted and ground, it can be prepared just like traditional coffee (whether you prefer aeropress, french press, or old school drip).

Where to Get It: You can order Choffy on their official website.

6. Hint Water

Hint offers tasty, fruit-infused water that leaves out the crazy sugars and fake sweeteners that most other fruit waters contain. They have over 25 flavors, including fun ones like pineapple, peppermint, and blood orange!

Where to Get It: You can order Hint Water on their website online!

Other Whole30 Drinks (Unofficial)

We’re not done quite yet – here’s our list of a few more Whole30 compliant drinks that we think you’ll probably want to know about.

  • Kombucha. Kombucha is a healthy drink you can make yourself – all you need is tea and a scooby (a live bacteria that ferments the kombucha). Don’t worry, we explain it all here!
  • Coffee. It may be obvious, but in case it needs re-stating, coffee IS allowed on Whole30. Don’t let all those cocoa beans throw you off – while it’s fun to experiment with different drinks like cocoa-based brewed, coffee is sill A-OK, so long as you don’t add any sweeteners or dairy (don’t worry, we have some solutions for spicing up your black Whole30 coffee).

Have you tried any of the Whole30 drinks listed here? What do you think of them? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. In regards to the almond milk. I thought anything with a “gum” in the ingredients was non-compliant? I have been dying for almond milk, day 19 for me!


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