Whole30 Peanut Butter: Can I Have Peanut Butter on Whole30?

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Many peanut butter aficionados may be wondering – can you have peanut butter on Whole30?

Sadly no – peanuts and peanut butter are not allowed on Whole30 because they are classified as legumes (legumes are foods from pods).

Legumes contain lectins – binding proteins that have potential to cause trouble with our digestion. There are plenty of other more complicated reasons to avoid legumes and lectins, but if you want the short and quick version, they can be problematic for our bodies, which is why they’re out for Whole30.

This news is very sad for some. Peanut butter is just.. awesome! Good news though – while peanuts and its butter-ized versions are out, other nut butters are Whole30-approved.

Almond butter is a popular Whole30 peanut butter substitute – although you’ll still need to be a critical label-watching hawk because plenty of almond butter brands load up on sugar.

See our list of Whole30-approved almond butters here, plus how to make your own. But that’s not all – sunflower butter and cashew butter are other potential compliant nut butters you can consider as well!

So, while peanut butter is not allowed on Whole30, there are plenty of other great nut butters that can take away some of the sting from peanut blacklists.

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