Whole30 Ice Cream: Can I Have Ice Cream on Whole30?

whole30 ice cream
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Ice cream is a favorite dessert for many, but it’s simply not allowed on Whole30.

Why? Well, ice cream has dairy in it, and all dairy is banned on Whole30.

There is dairy-free sorbet, but these are loaded with sugar, and since sugar is also a no-no ingredient on Whole30, the lack of dairy doesn’t make a difference.

There’s also a smattering of dairy-free ice creams on the market that use coconut milk or almond milk over traditional dairy. However, these too contains vast amounts of sugar, so they’re definitely not permitted.

In short, no ice cream of any kind is allowed on Whole30!

Need some satisfaction after your meals? Try a bit of fruit, some seltzer water, or these Whole30 dessert recipes.

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