Whole30 Weight Loss: What to Expect

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There are numerous benefits for partaking in the Whole30 diet, including more energy, improved metabolism and – an especially desirable result – weight loss.

But exactly how much weight can you expect to lose on Whole30? 

Generally, the Whole30 average weight loss amount is around 10lbs for those who have stuck with the Whole30 program for the full 30 days. Of course this won’t be the same for everyone – some will lose a bit more or a bit less.

Whole30 Weight Loss Results: Don’t Sweat It & Ditch The Scale

A word of understanding: Whole30 is not a weight loss program, as the creator Melissa Hartwig has made very clear (in fact, you’re not even supposed to weight yourself while on Whole30).

Whole30 is about learning to understand your body better and putting a stop to the unhealthy addictive relationships many of us have with food. There are numerous benefits to Whole30 that are much more significant than weight loss, like improved mood, better sleep, healthier gut, clearer skin, and an overall deeper understanding of food and how it interacts with our bodies. The weight loss should really be thought of as an added bonus.

The problem with the obsession revolving around weight loss is that it overshadows everything and helps perpetuate that unhealthy relationship many of us have developed with food. If you can ditch your scale for a month and instead focus on how you’re feeling and what your body is responding to, you’ll likely be better for it.

Still, folks want to know what kind of weight loss results come with Whole30. As I said above, 10lbs is pretty standard. However, everyone’s body is different, so your results might vary.

Whole30 Weight Loss Success Stories

Take a look at these incredible Whole30 weight loss success stories for a better understanding of just how powerful Whole30 can be.

(Note: these success stories are summaries of stories published on Whole30 – read the in-depth stories of how these individuals’ lives were changed there).

whole30 weight loss

Whole30-er Bret C. started his program at X. He lost 20lbs in the first month, and after 6 months he had lost 80lbs!

While this weight loss is incredible, you’ll note that Bret’s most impressive results revolve around his overall health. Starting out with IBS, acid reflux, insomnia, depression, high-cholesterol, and metabolic syndrome Bret wasn’t doing so well. After six months, many of these medical issues have been lessened or resolved completely.

whole30 weight loss results

Julie lost 75lbs over the course of three Whole30s plus continued paleo eating. Again, you’ll note that for Julie, the results go way beyond weight loss – she learned how certain foods made her bloated or irritated, and it’s changed her life so much for the better.


Katie lost 20lbs during her first Whole30 session, and another 15lbs with round 2. She’s now lost a total of 126lbs and counting!

Have you done a Whole30 program? What were your Whole30 weight loss results? Share you story in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “Whole30 Weight Loss: What to Expect”

  1. I started the Whole 30 on January 1st. I was a sugar and pasta craver. It is now February 7th and I have lost 22 pounds. I crave no foods anymore. I pass on all junk foods. I feel amazing. I used to wake up feeling overwhelmed and grumpy. I wake up now and have energy. This clean eating is a life saver!

  2. On Round one I lost 19lbs. On Round two I only lost 4lbs. But hey a lost is a lost. I’m going to continue on to Round 3. Wish me luck

  3. My husband and I did our first Whole 30 three years ago. We are in our late 60s. I have tried everything from Weight Watchers to Atkins without much success. I was not extremely overweight, but Was feeling old, tired, and Bloated. We found the Whole30 program to be easy to follow and we never felt deprived and never went hungry. Happily, he lost 25 lbs the first month and I lost 18. We have continued eating the Paleo way since then. Thankfully, neither of us are on any sort of prescription medication and my husband’s sleep apnea disappeared!

    Although, lately, we have cheated a bit and we’re starting to feel the old bloat coming back. We have a fabulous vacation coming up and decided to do the whole 30 again in September. We are on day 12th. So far so good. We have kept off the scale and have stuck to plan. I’m sure we will again have good results. We can tell that the bloat has diminished already! Feeling more energetic. You think eating clean is the best thing we can do for our health.

  4. Just wondering if anyone else suffered from dizziness while doing Whole30. I am prone to light headedness and passing out and noticed it seemed to be worse while doing the Whole30 but not enough to stop me I just had to be careful.

  5. I’m at Day 24 of my first Whole 30 adventure. I didn’t expect (or need) to lose any weight. The goal was to improve some chronic digestive conditions. Time will tell if that’s going to happen. But one very nice surprise is that I haven’t GAINED weight. I’m eating things I’ve avoided all my calorie counting adult life: Sweet potatoes, olive oil, avocados, nuts and other healthy fats. I half expected to blow up like a helium balloon and in point of fact have lost bloat!! Who knew? The Whole 30 plan is close enough to the way I’ve been eating for a long time that I can easily see myself tweaking and adopting it for the long term.

  6. I love Whole30. I lost 45 pounds in three rounds of it years ago and normally do one round or two per year. My greatest hoorah for this program is increased energy, skin glows, better sleep, and after day 9 no belly bloat. I lost 45 pounds without exercise.


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