Whole30 Hummus: Can I Have Hummus on Whole30?

Whole30 Hummus: Can I Have Hummus on Whole30?

can I have hummus on Whole30

Hummus is a delicious, traditionally Middle Eastern dish made of ground chickpeas, olive oil, and spices. Unfortunately, hummus is not allowed on Whole30 – this tasty dish is blacklisted until after your program!

Why is hummus not allowed on Whole30? Because it’s made primarily of chickpeas. Chickpeas are legumes, and legumes are out on Whole30.

Legumes aren’t allowed on Whole30 due to the fact that they contain significant amounts of lectins – known to potentially cause inflammatory issues. Legumes aren’t necessarily a terrible thing, but they aren’t allowed on Whole30, which seeks to ban any and every food that could potentially cause digestion, inflammation, or gut issues.

There is some silver lining though; while chickpeas and garbanzo beans traditionally used to make hummus are out, there are other hummus recipes that are compliant on Whole30!

We suggest trying this great Paleo Zucchini Hummus Recipe from Paleo Cupboard.

Not a zucchini fan? There are also eggplant hummus recipes and carrot hummus recipes! Just keep an eye out for non-compliant ingredients when searching for paleo hummus (tahini is fine, but legumes are out – but you’ll need to check tahini paste ingredients as well).