30 Whole30 Gifs: What It’s Like To Be On Whole30

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The week before you decide to go Whole30 and know you have to clear the kitchen cabinets

When someone asks you if rice is OK on Whole30

When you agree to go out to dinner with friends, but the restaurant they chose has a mess of a menu.

…sugar-free and compliant, OBVI!

Then next week you find a place with compliant burgers, but forget to ask for no bun.

When you start looking at labels are realize that sugar and/or sulfites are in almost everything…

And then spend 2 hours reading labels at your local grocery store.

When your friend says she’ll drive you to Trader Joe’s…

…and you find yourself in Whole30 heaven!

When your family tries to put non-compliant food in your cart.

When you find out there is such thing as Whole30 compliant bacon…

…and then you finally get to try some!

From your 1st week cooking in the kitchen…

…to your 2nd week…

…and then 3rd.

When you’re too lazy to go grocery shopping over the weekend and pay for it the next day.

When you try to memorize every name for sugar and all the different kinds of preservatives and sulfites to avoid.

When you use the printer at work to stock up on Whole30 recipes.

After having eggs for breakfast 14 days in a row.

Counting how many days you have left

By day 23, you’re convinced you might have a future on Master Chef

When your friends go out for brunch on Saturday.

After your Sunday meal prepping session.

When you finish work and you know your Whole30 crock pot meal is waiting for you at home…

When you first heard about cauliflower rice…

…but then you actually try it!

When you catch your SO staring at the fro-yo a little too long at the mall.

When you visit your local butcher and they have compliant meat!

When you finally reach day 30..

…And feel great & realize you can basically do anything!

Then, despite your promise to do a slow, measured reintroduction…

Do you agree with this visual portrayal of Whole30? What has your experience been like? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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