Can You Eat Rice on Whole30?

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No, you cannot eat rice on Whole30.


Rice is a grain, and all grains are out for Whole30.

While it’s true that most folks tolerate rice better than other grains, rice has still been known to cause digestion troubles for plenty of folks. It’s a grain, and therefore it is not allowed on Whole30.

If you’re searching for something to mix in to your stir frys, we suggest trying cauliflower rice. Cauliflower rice is cauliflower that has been pulverized into small pieces.

We’ll be honest – it tastes nothing like rice, but the texture is similar, and many people opt for experimenting with cauliflower rice during Whole30.

You can easily make your own cauliflower rice with a food processor. Cauliflower rice is also becoming more widely available in grocery stores, so keep an eye out and you may find a pack already pulverized!

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