Whole30 Sausage: Where to Find Compliant Brands

whole30 sausage
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Finding Whole30 sausage can be quite a challenge – most sausages are packed with sugar and preservatives, making them unsuitable for the Whole30 program.

However, there are always a few gems you can usually find, if you dig around a bit.

Compliant Whole30 Sausage Brands

Sausage BrandCompliant Varieties / FlavorsSeen At
AidellsChicken & Apple SausageKey Foods, Food Emporium, Costco
Applegate FarmsChicken & Apple Sausage, Organic Uncured Beef Hotdogs, Organic Uncured Chicken Dogs, Organic Uncured Turkey DogsTrader Joe’s
Mulay’s SausageUnknownUnknown
Teton WatersCooked Uncured Beef Polish Sausage, Uncured Beef Hot LinksCostco
Simply BalancedItalian Chicken SausageTarget, Trader Joe’s
Bilinski’sKale Balsamic, Sun dried-tomato, Cilantro Lime, Spinach & Garlic, Mild Italian, Wild Mushroom w/ Italian Herbs, Sweet AppleWhole Foods
Brat HansSun-dried Tomato & Basil Chicken Sausage, Spicy Italian Chicken SausageWhole Foods
Niman RanchAndouille SausageWhole Foods, Key Foods
Trader Joe’s BrandGarlic & Herb Chicken SausageTrader Joe’s
U.S. WellnessPork SausageOrder Online
365 Whole Foods Brand SausageMild Italian Pork Sausage, Chicken SausageWhole Foods
Pederon’s Natural FarmsWhole30 Approved Kielbasa SausageWegmans, Find w/ Store Locator

Note: Most info from this table was taken from a Whole30 forum thread on the topic of compliant sausage. Feel free to go to the original source if you’d like. Forewarning, this list was compiled with information provided online by others – I have not been able to verify every sausage listed here.

Remember, this list gives you a base to start with, but always double check ingredient lists and don’t assume because it’s on this list, that it must be compliant. Manufacturers can change ingredients or alter their branding or meat varieties, so it’s never safe to assume.

That being said, if you find something in your travels that contradicts this list, please let us know in the comments so we can update it accordingly!

Other Places to Find Whole30 Sausage

In addition to the sources above, make sure to look for Whole30-friendly sausage at:

  • Your Local Butcher. One awesome source for that tasty compliant meat will be your local butcher! Local butchers don’t need to put in gross additives and preservatives like grocery stores do. However, you’ll still need to ask your butcher about what’s in the meat. While most local meats don’t usually use preservatives, some still might. Same goes  for sugar – different butchers use different recipes. In addition to finding meat that’s more likely to be compliant, you’ll also be supporting local businesses and building up your community!
  • Local Farmer’s Markets: Similarly, local meat from a farmer’s market is usually sugar free and lacks the nasty additives you see elsewhere. Again, ask to be sure.
  • Whole Foods Meat Case. The meat case at Whole Foods is another great spot for compliant meat, such as bratwurst, chorizo, and andouille sausage.
  • U.S. Wellness Meats. We mentioned it above in our chart, but U.S. Wellness Meats is one of the few official go-to sources for Whole30-approved meat online. They’ve got a great selection from sugar free pork bacon to sugar free breakfast sausage!

Ingredients to Watch Out For in Whole30 Sausage

You’ll recognize compliant meats by their simple ingredient list (at least compared to their non-compliant cousins). Whole30 meats will just contain meat, water, and some minor spices.

Ingredients That Are Out:

  • Sugar. If you see sugar on a sausage ingredient, it’s automatically out, no questions asked. It doesn’t matter if it’s organic cane sugar, maple syrup, or some other harmless-sounding sweetener. Any sugar listed means that meat is a no-go.
  • Sulfites. Sulfites are used as preservatives and are not allowed on Whole30. Unfortunately, many deli meats contain sulfites to preserve meat longer.
  • Carageenan. Carageenan is an emulsifier (aka thickener) that can cause serious inflammation in the gut, which is why it’s not allowed on Whole30.
  • Soy / Soy Protein. Don’t forget, soy is another ingredient where you’ll want to put down that package the moment you see it!
  • Dextrose. Dextrose is simply another name for sugar (that crafty devil has too many monikers to count). I’ve seen dextrose on quite a few sausage ingredient lists, so it’s worth repeating!
  • Cheese and/or Milk. Some sausages (especially the fancier varieties) contain dairy for added flavor. Obviously, these aren’t allowed!

Note: “Salt Dextrose” is different from regular dextrose, since all iodized salt contains it (the dextrose helps the iodine bind to the salt).

For a full list of what additives to avoid (and which to not freak out too much about), check out the amazing official Whole30 Additive Cheat Sheet.

Whole30 Sausage Recipes: Quick & Easy Sausage

The easiest way to get your hands on some Whole30 sausage will probably be to make your own!

Here are a few helpful recipes for creating your own compliant sausages for the Whole30 program.

Breakfast Sausage Recipe from Primal Plate

  • Ingredients: Ground Pork, Coconut Oil, & Various Spices
  • Description: This quick and easy recipe for breakfast sausage only takes 10 minutes to cook up!

Italian Sausage Seasoning Recipe from Well Fed

  • Ingredients: Various Seasonings
  • Description: This DIY italian sausage seasoning recipe lets you whip up a batch of seasoning that can be added to any ground meat!

Whole30 Complaint Sausage FAQs

Is sausage allowed on Whole30?

Yes! Sausage is allowed on Whole30 so long as it is compliant (basically, contains no sugar, sulfites, carrageenan, soy, or dairy.

What sausage is Whole30 approved?

Whole30 approved sausages must contain no sugar, sulfites, carrageenan, soy, or dairy. Some popular brands for Whole30 approved sausages include: Trader Joe’s Garlic & Herb Chicken Sausage, Whole Foods 365 Mild Italian Pork Sausage, Niman Ranch Andouille Sausage, Applegate Farms Chicken & Apple Sausage, U.S. Wellness Pork Sausage (available online), and more.

Always check the ingredient list yourself, as ingredients can change from time to time, making formerly compliant sausages no longer compliant.

What brand of sausage is sugar free?

Bilinski’s, Aidells, Applegate Farms, U.S. Wellness, Whole Foods 365, and Pederon’s Natural Farms all have some variety of sugar-free sausage that is Whole30 compliant.

However, make sure to check ingredient labels because even the brands listed will have some sugar-free compliant sausages as well as some sugar-inclusive, non-compliant sausages.

Is chicken sausage Whole30 approved?

Yes, chicken sausage is allowed on Whole30 so long as the ingredients are compliant and it contains no sugar, sulfites, or the other Whole30 banned ingredients.

Is chorizo Whole30 compliant?

Yes – chorizo is allowed on Whole30 so long as the chorizo contains just meat, spices, and no sugar, sulfites, carrageenan, soy, or dairy.

What’s your favorite variety of Whole30-friendly sausage? Tell us in the comments!

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    • The ingredient list I found online for that product shows that it contains corn syrup, among other ingredients that are not allowed on Whole30. It’s easiest to just check the ingredient list in person and see.

    • Hi Bill. My husband and I are at day 11 of whole 30. I had bought some apple sauce and canned pumpkin and had some sweet potatoes. I used the extra baked sweet potatoes (yams-the orange fleshed ones with purple skin) (2) and masked them with a few cups unsweetened canned pumpkin, added about a cup of apple sauce, and some raisins. I cooked it and mashed together in the saucepan, along with cinnamon , a dash or two of allspice. My husband loved it . We are it for breakfast with a fried egg. Good luck on your whole30.

  1. In Northern California we also have Tavarites brand sausage. They make a great hot Italian – I often have a link with breakfast.

    Ingredients: Pork, water, vinegar, spices, salt, paprika in a natural casing

  2. I purchase many proteins from Wellness Meats – bacon, sausage, ham, and some poultry. All of them are W30 compliant and their customer service can’t be beat. I’ve never regretted any buying from them.


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