Temptooth Reviews: DIY Temporary Tooth

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We all want to keep our pearly whites looking good, but when we fall victim to serious dental damage, it can sometimes take months (or more) to arrange a permanent repair.

Luckily there are some quick fixes available for temporary cosmetic teeth repair. Today we’re talking specifically about Temptooth, a popular DIY temporary tooth repair product.

Temptooth: Temporary Tooth Replacement

temptooth review

Overview: Temptooth is a DIY tooth replacement kit, providing you with malleable material that can be customized and hardened into a temporary tooth.

Price: Approximately $30-$50 (prices vary), with enough material to make 10 temporary teeth. Available in select brick and mortar store and available for purchase from Amazon.

Who Should Use It? People who need a quick and temporary tooth replacement while arranging a more permanent solution with a dentist. Temptooth are great for temporary cosmetic teeth replacements, but are not functional (you can’t eat with them).


  • Quality Material. Made of durable and safe top grade material that has been tested and approved independently by Intertek Labs, ensuring that it’s safe for oral use.
  • Enough To Make 10 Teeth. The Temptooth kit comes with enough material to make up to 10 temporary cosmetic teeth.
  • Comprehensive Instructions. Temptooth comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to create your custom temporary tooth, so you won’t be left wondering what to do. Temptooth even provides a 3D animated video to visually demonstrate how to create your temporary tooth.
  • Quick and Easy. You can create a temporary tooth in just a few minutes with Temptooth’s clear and easy instructions.

Pros: Creating temporary teeth with Temptooth is pretty easy. You don’t have to deal with mixing trays, alginates, adhesives, or dental cement, as some other temporary teeth products require.

Cons: Temptooth cannot be used to chew food and is not a permanent tooth replacement.

Why People Like Temptooth

It can cost +$1000 to get an implant or bridge, and while a missing tooth means you’ll likely have to get a permanent replacement eventually, many people can’t come up with such large sums of money on such short notice. Temptooth is an affordable option for emergency DIY tooth repair.

Fans note that you can get a really great temporary cosmetic teeth with Temptooth, but you may need to put a bit more effort into the shaping and forming beyond what the instructions suggest to get your perfect tooth.

How Temptooth Works

Note: This is a brief overview of how Temptooth works. Detailed instructions and explanation are included in the kit.

Temptooth provides you with a collection of “beads” that form the material of the temporary tooth. First you’ll put the beads in boiling water until they turn transparent (note: use a ladle to contain the beads, as they become difficult to see once they turn transparent in the hot water).

Next you’ll remove the beads from the water. They’ll be soft and malleable, allowing you to roll them into a round shape. You’ll then put the material where your missing tooth is form it to fit the gap.

Just run the tooth through cold water to set it. Some users also go through further steps to perfect their temporary tooth.

1. Fine Adjustments

Once your teeth is hard, you may still need to fine-tune and adjust it to fit in with your other teeth. Some suggest using a hand rotary drill with fine sandpaper to shorten the length and get off any excess thickness on the bottom or back of the tooth. You can use this technique in addition to the standard nail-clipper strategy.

Try not to mess too much with the back of the sides that need to fit in against and adhere to the other two teeth in your mouth.

2. Staining The Tooth

Your new tooth will actually look so white and bright, that it may look odd next to your normal teeth! To have your temporary tooth looking like your other teeth, stain it with tea (or coffee). Brew up a cup of black tea or coffee and leave your tooth in the tea to stain it to a more natural color. The amount of time you’ll need to leave your tooth in the tea depends on the color of your teeth – check every few hours. Some leave the tooth in overnight.

I also recommend watching this very helpful user YouTube video that takes you step-by-step through the Temptooth process.

Key Tips:

  • Have A Mirror Handy. Bring a mirror into the area where you’ll be forming your tooth, to prevent running back and forth to the bathroom.
  • Work Quickly. Once you remove the beads from the liquid, you’ll only have 2-3 minutes to mold the tooth before it begins to harden, so work fast! The good news is that you can always reheat it to mold it more.
  • Try Using Your Original Tooth. If you have the original tooth that fell out, you can try using it to help make a mold. Heat the Temptooth and mold it around the original tooth (leaving an area open to remove the original tooth). Pull out the original tooth and harden it. Next, make a second batch of Temptooth, and push the new material into the mold you just made, helping you form the temporary tooth you’ll be using. If you do this while the material is too hot, it could melt the mold, so let it cool slightly. Run the root of your new tooth under cold water, hardening it enough to grip when you pull the new tooth out of the mold you made.

This strategy gives you a nice temporary tooth to start with. Then you can fine tune, adjust, and stain it to your liking.

Note: This technique hasn’t been tested yet – it’s an idea a fellow Temptooth user came up with. So feel free to give it a try, although we don’t know the results yet! Luckily Temptooth gives you 200 beads, so you don’t need to worry about running out. Have fun and experiment!


Have you ever used Temptooth? What has been your experience with it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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25 thoughts on “Temptooth Reviews: DIY Temporary Tooth”

  1. Please it is ok for maybe a few days and then the tooth turns a disgusting yellow ….if they can find a way to not have this happen I’d give it an ok …..eating just one piece of cheese or wearing a few days the too th is gone.

    • SAME HERE!!! Had mine in for maybe 3-4 days & it turned a nasty yellowish orange… I’ve tried everything to whiten it up… Nothing works! & They’re not easy to remove once it’s in.. I should have researched that part more… Anyways… I’ve been googling for days trying to find a way to stain it white. No luck yet… Now I’m right back where i started, hiding my teeth & not smiling.

    • i was having the same problem. i found the solution…..i went to autozone . autozon sells these little paint pens for scratches on your car. you can buy the paint pen that comes with the clear coat or you can buy the clear coat by itself. its under $20 and i have been able to wear 1 toothe for 2 weeks without it turning orange….excellent fit. and it makes the toothe glossy

  2. Let me tell you something!! I been living miserable for over 8 months….this temptooth open my life again…I been using to for 4-5 days it still looks great!! If it does get yellow well I’ll try efferent cleaner!! If not I’m just beside myself it works!!! Be more glad to buy more never won’t to go back…my the way I only use mind when I go out shopping, Church and friends…Drink very little but water when I wear them.. keep them put away in kit box..just little tip bits!! I LOVE LOVE TEMPTOOTH AND IT WORKS WONDERFUL!! THANKYOU!!

  3. I purchased my temp tooth beads 2 years ago. The tooth will turn yellow after a few days but I think that is because I eat and drink with mine in when in public and certain foods, like spaghetti sauce will stain them more quickly. I used 10 beads to make my tooth. I had enough beads to last almost two years and I’m about to buy more because I have no chance of affording a permanent replacement any time soon. After a little practice I got pretty good at making a tooth that fit well and was easy to remove. In the beginning I made them too big or too small and they would be pop out or be hard to remove. The key is using enough material to support the back of the tooth and letting them cool just the right amount of time when you construct the tooth in your mouth before removing it to run it under cold water to set it. It is a bummer when a well fitting temp tooth turns yellow and has to be replaced but it’s far less of a bother than having a hole in my smile. I absolutely LOVE temp tooth and I’m so greatful to have it.

  4. I need help please I do love the idea of having a tooth placed in the gap without a dentist, but I made a mistake doing it without reading the instructions I hardened it between my teeth without removing and running under water, now its not coming out, Im worried that the food will be stuck there and I will never be able to clean that area and its not comfortable to eat on it, I tried to drinkvwarm water or tea it still not coming out,vwhat sgould I do to drill on it or what please give me an idea, I hate to go to dentist

    • I had that problem before. One method is to sip something hot but bearable enough so you don’t scald your tongue as you keep at it give it a slight tug while timing yourself and keeping note of the temperature. Thermometers help here. I’m still using polymorph for my fillings and I have full polymorph made into bridges with a little wiring like those ones I use for vaping

  5. After I wrote the command i had the idea to use the eyebrow tweezer to remove , it worked it came out, now I will try to trim it try to make it smaller by using sendpaper, or make another one, I let you informed, please if you have other advise let me know m, thanks for everybody’s information about their experiences

    • I’ve been using temp tooth since it came out 4 yrs ago. Yes it stains. Change it.
      Hard to remove. Drink hot tea or swish with hottest water. Makes it more maleable to pop out.
      Swish with hydrogen peroxide often to avoid infections.
      Enjoy a lovely carefree smile!
      FYi- temp tooth doesn’t stain as readily as the cheaper copy cats. I’ve tried them.

  6. I have experienced quite a problem. The Gellish beads set very very quickly whilst I was still molding in my mouth. I hadn’t had time to level the temp tooth down and smooth out the back. It set very very quickly. I now cannot remove the tooth its stuck really really fast. I have tried hot water I had tried pulling and tugging cannot get it out. Now stressing

  7. My daughter Vrushali Sane ordered temptooth for me .. Took a few minutes to get the molar tooth done . Instructions are good ,but it helps if one reads it thoroughly before starting .. Happy with the result ! Where can I send my before / after pictures to receive free additional beads ??

  8. Sticks really well if you use enough at the back, good for emergency events. Stuck so well i cant get it back out, all my jaw is aching from it pressing on the teeth & i can not remove it. Have swished with hot water, just goes slightly slimy, still will not come out. Have stuck a knife & tweezers in. Feels like ive a mouth of hard chewing gum & i cant even pronounce S any more it just goes thfth. Id deffo recommend if i hadnt used too much on my first & last attempt. Does not come with any removal instructions whatsoever & the internet does not help either.

  9. What if it get stuck in your mouth and had adhered to other teeth. How can you remove it safely? I know hot water melts it but can’t do extremely hot in my mouth? Help??


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