Snack Subscription Boxes: What Looks Tasty?

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Today we’re giving you a quick run down of the most popular snack boxes currently on the market. These snack boxes are a great way to supply yourself with a continuing stream of delicious, nutritious, healthy snacks to keep you smiling and satiated!

Here’s our fast and furious overview. Get snackin!


graze snack box

What You’ll Get: A pack of four healthy, nutritious snacks for you to munch on. Choose from +100 snack selections.

Cost: $7/box

Free Trial? Yes! You can get your first box for free!

Coupon: BOXGRAZE [free box + free shipping] No need though, first box is always free

Quality: Very high quality. Graze snacks contain no GMOs, no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup, and no trans fats!

Easy to Cancel? Yes, just log into your online account and cancel subscription from there anytime.

Can You Customize? Graze allows for a lot of filtering and customization of snacks. From your online Graze dashboard, you can filter by sweet snacks, savory snacks, snacks with fruit, snacks with nuts, etc. You customize your snack packs based on a try it, like it, or love it system. Trash the snacks you don’t like to ensure you don’t get that snack again (or any similar snacks).

Dietary Restrictions: Graze also lets you choose snacks based on dietary preferences (for example, you can filter out spicy foods, foods that require a microwave, snacks that contain gluten, milk, or nuts, etc.)

Love With Food

love with food snack box

What You Get: 8-10 organic and all-natural snacks.

Cost: $10/box [ +$2 shipping]

Free Trial? No

Coupon: Try FBGIFT to get your first box free, or try FB7OFFER for $7 off a box. There’s also a Love With Food Groupon discount currently available for the deluxe box (16-20 snacks) – hurry and get it while you can! You can get the normally $20 deluxe box for only $9.

Quality: Super high-quality snacks. Love With Food snacks are all-natural and/or organic, with no trans, no hydrogenated oils, no artificial flavors/colors, and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Easy to Cancel? Yup, it can easily be done through online portal.

Can You Customize? No, not at the moment.

Dietary Restrictions: While all the snacks in Love With Food are high-quality, since you cannot customize your snack order, this snack subscription service is probably best avoided for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Bonus: Love With Food donates a meal to a U.S. food bank with every box purchased, so you’re doing a good deed while giving your taste buds a treat! Today they’ve donated over 400,000 free meals to hungry kids.


nibblr snack box

What You Get: Nibblr provides four fun and tasty pre-portioned snacks from +75 varieties in each box delivered.

Cost: $7/box + free shipping

Free Trial? Yes! First box is completely free!

Coupon: No need, your first box is free!

Quality: Nibblr snacks do no restrict themselves to non-GMOs or organic-only selections.

Easy to Cancel? Yes,  you can cancel easily from the online dashboard.

Can You Customize? You can tailor snack boxes by logging into your online Nibblr dashboard and evaluating snacks with a love it, like it, interested, or no thanks rating. You have the option to filter snacks by ingredients like veggies, fruit, sweets, nuts, etc. You can also choose from a under 150 calorie snack selection.

Dietary Restrictions: Nibblr does not let you choose snacks based on dietary restrictions, so if you have an intolerance or allergy issue, you may want to use a different snack subscription program.

Nature Box

nature box

What You Get: Five full-sized snack bags from a +100 selection of wholesome, organic snacks, featuring everything from blueberry greek yogurt pretzels to sriracha roasted cashews.

Cost: $20/box + free shipping [+$2 for Hawaii, Alaska ]

Free Trial: Yes, Nature Box provides a free trial box. The free trial box provides one full-sized snack bag along with four mini, single-portion snack packs.

Coupon: Get $20 worth of free snacks with your first order!

Quality: Nature Box snacks contain no hydrogenated oils, no added sulfates, no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. All snacks are less than 200 calories per serving.

Easy to Cancel? Yup, you can do it right online.

Can You Customize? Nature Box is the only service that point blank lets you select exactly what snacks you want in your box. You can log in online and choose which snacks you want to come in your next box, plus you can also create a snack queue to make a list of snacks you want to try in future boxes.

Dietary Restrictions: Nature Box makes it easy to choose snacks based on criteria like vegan-friendly, non-soy, non-GMO, gluten-free, lactate-free etc. Even those with dietary restrictions will find at least +50 different snack choices to choose from.

Bonus: Like Love With Food, for every snack box Nature Box delivers, they will donate one meal to the Feeding America charity.

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