Graze Review: Healthy Snacks Delivered

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Graze Unboxing: Snack Box Breakdown

What’s In It? Graze provides a pack of four tasty, fun, and healthy snacks for kitchen grazers everywhere.

graze snack box

With over +100 snack selections ranging from kale chips with edamame beans to “mint choco gelato” with blanched almonds, yogurt coated sunflower seeds, dark chocolate buttons and peppermint flavored raisins, there’s all kinds of tasty selections for savory and sweet palates.

  • Cost: $7/box, but you can get your first box for free!
  • Quality: Graze delivers a very high quality selection of snacks, and you really can taste the difference. Graze snacks contain no GMOs, no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup, and no trans fats! These are some truly guilt-free snacks.
  • How often do you get a box? You can choose to get one every week, every two weeks, or every month.
  • Customization. Graze allows easy filtering and customization of snack choices. From your online Graze dashboard, scan Graze’s fast selection of snackages and rate them with a “trash,” “try,” “like,” or “love.”

Graze also makes it easy to filter and sort snacks, letting you choose from sweet snacks, savory snacks, nut snacks, fruit-featuring snacks, and more.

Graze is definitely a great snack box choice for customers with dietary restrictions. Throw out snacks that contain gluten, lactose, nuts, or snacks that require a microwave to ensure you won’t get any more like these.

Unpacking Graze

Cute, recycle-friendly container. In fact, Graze suggests using the packaging as a planter!

The pre-sealed containers have cute, artsy writing on their plastic covers, telling what you what treat you’re eating. These packs are easy to throw into a purse or backpack when you’re running out the door.

Really interesting range of food choices. A few that I wasn’t crazy about were the dipping sticks with jam. I just didn’t like the whole concept of sealed jam.

I really loved the berry, nuts, and chocolate packs!

Graze’s treats taste great, and they definitely introduced me to new snacks I would never have tried otherwise.

Would I get it again? Yeah, maybe once a month or so. I like that Graze lets me try fun, healthy, creative snacks without committing to an entire back of them like I would have to a Trader Joe’s or a speciality  food store.

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1 thought on “Graze Review: Healthy Snacks Delivered”

  1. Huge disappointment. My 12 year old daughter found the graze website and talked me into signing up because we would get a small free snack box. You needed to sign up for a recurring shipment but it says you can cancel at any time. My daughter chose her preferred snacks and I put in my visa information. A few days later I felt uncomfortable about the over-priced service and cancelled it. A very rude customer service representative “Risa” told me we could only have the “free” box if we hadn’t cancelled the recurring order. Well, that isn’t a free sample box is it? Instead of them going ahead and sending us the box and hoping we start ordering she was insulting for several emails and drove me here. My daughter is quite sad (and a little disillusioned, after all they offered us a free sample box). Avoid. So much easier and cheaper to just buy snacks yourself. Fresher too.


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