35+ Best Food Subscription Services

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best food subscription box services

There are tons of great meal delivery subscription services on the market today, with most of these services aiming to help make it easier for users to eat healthier without hassle!

Today we’re listing all these services, along with coupons to give you a discount with your first order!

Healthy Meal Subscription Boxes


best food subscription boxes

What is it? A food delivery subscription box that brings fresh, local ingredients and recipes to your home to make healthy cooking easy and fun!

Cost: $48/box (2 meals for 2 individuals), aka $12 per person. [Note: For a limited time, you can a free dinner for 2 with your first order when you use this link!]

Who will love it? Chefs-in-the-making who prefer using  anti-biotic free and hormone free meats.


best meal subscription boxes

What is it? Delivers fresh, nutritious, pre-portioned ingredients along with chef-inspired recipe cards so you can cook yourself healthy home-cooked meals quickly and easily.

Price: $50-$60/box (3 meals for 2) people. $10-$12/per person, per meal. [Note: Use Code HELLO50FRESH to get $50 off your first two boxes!]

Who will love it? Folks who want to cook but don’t have time to grocery shop and want a guide in the kitchen.

Blue Apron

healthy prepackaged meal delivery

What is it? A service delivering fresh ingredients and fun recipes to your doorstep to help you craft delicious meals while saving time.

Price: $60/week for 3 meals (for a family of two), breaking down to $10 per person.

Who will love it? Those who want to experiment with fun and creative recipes, while getting half the work done for them (no grocery shopping for you!) Blue Apron recipes also try to incorporate cool ingredients you’d normally have a hard time getting your hands on by yourself, so it’s great for the adventurous chef.

Peach Dish

healthy subscription boxes

What is it? Fresh ingredients and awesome recipes delivered to you weekly to help you stay happy and full.

Price: $50/box gets you two meals for two individuals, breaking down to $12.50 per person. Get $10 off when using this link.

Who will love it? Anyone looking to mix it up in the kitchen with some fun new recipes (like duck tacos and lemony lobster risotto).

Vegin’ Out

vegetarian delivered meals

What is it? A meal delivery box just for the vegetarians and vegans!

Price: $128-$170 (depending on location) gets you 3 vegetarian vegan entrees, 4 vegetarian vegan side dishes, 1 vegetarian vegan soup, and 5 vegan cookies. [Note: Use code Share20 for $20 off your first order!]

Who will love it? Vegetarians and vegans will love the convenience of Vegin’ Out, which provides completely pre-made meals – you just have to hear them up! You also get complete customization over what dishes you want to order, so pick and choose away!

Snack Subscription Boxes


graze snack box

What is it? Graze delivers a pack of four healthy, nutritious snacks for you to munch on. With over 100 choices, you’ll have a ball choosing different snack combos.

Best of all, Graze snacks contains no GMOs, no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup, and no trans fats!

Price: $7/box (use this link to get your first Graze box for free!)

Who will love it? Folks looking for super-healthy, GMO-free snacks that are fun and unusual!

Snack Nation

snack nation

What is it? A subscription box of healthy office snacks to keep your team happy and productive.

Price: Boxes start at $299/month.

Who will love it? Offices that want to give their employees the perk of healthy and tasty snacks on site.

Healthy Surprise

best healthy snack boxes

What is it? Healthy Surprise provides a selection of all natural, 100% guilt-free, gluten-free, GMO, soy, corn, wheat, and gluten-free treats. All made in the USA, all incredibly good for you.

Price: Starting at $50/box for 15 full size snacks.

Who will love it? Great for clean eaters, Healthy Surprise even offers a snack box for paleo people!

Love With Food 

love with food snack box
What is it?A snack box delivering all-natural, organic goodies with no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no artificial flavors/colors, and no high-fructose corn syrup. These boxes seem to provide a bit more bang for your buck than others. Even better, Love With Food donates a meal to a U.S. food bank with every box purchased, so you’re doing a good deed while giving your taste buds a treat!

Price: $8/box for 8 snacks (+ one free meal to a hungry person). Gluten free? No problem – Love With Food is offering 25% off your first order of a gluten free box!

Who will love it? This is the perfect thing for healthy snackers who like to give back!

Try The World

monthly food subscriptions

What is it? A fabulous box delivered every other month with tasty treats from another country, from Parisian cookies to turkish delights from Turkey.

Price: $29-$39/box (depending on if you commit to 1 month, 6 months, or 12-months). Use this link and get a free box with your first subscription!

Who will love it? World travelers with foreign tastes will love this fun and easy way to sample international delicacies!


munchpakWhat is it? A pack of 12 or more full-sized snacks from all over the world (from Pocky to Cadbury).

Price: $10/box when you order from Munchpak online. You can even create gift boxes for others where you pick and choose favorite foreign goodies! Use code “SNACKIN” to save $2 off!

Who will love it? Munchpak is a great deal for snackers who don’t care about organic, gluten-free, ultra-healthy snacks and instead just want the chance to try some fun simple snack staples from around the world.


healthy snack delivery

Attention: Nibblr is no longer in business. Want something similar? Try Graze (click here to get your first box free)!

What is it? Low-cal (less than 150 calorie) snacks that are fun and tasty, with choices like Cranberry Crumble (chocolate, vanilla praline, and cranberry) and 7th inning stretch (corn nuts and flax sea salt pretzel pearls), these pre-packaged snacks are tons of fun.

Cost: $7/box with four snacks each.

Who will love it? Great for those who like to sample a variety of fun and unusual snacks.

Nature Box

healthy pre-packaged snacks

What is it? Nature Box offers a choice of 100+ wholesome smart snacks to your doorstep each month. From chocolate hazelnut granola to sriracha rice crackers, there’s something for everyone!

Price: Nature Box lets you pick and choose from a variety of snacks a la cart – and you can get $20 credit towards your first box!

Who will love it? This super-healthy, super-delicious pack will be great for snackers. Plus, you get to choose exactly what goes in your pack (something most snack boxes don’t offer).

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

healthy snack box

What is it? A snack subscription box of 7-10 vegan-certified snacks (from soda to kale chips) for vegan taste buds.

Cost: $20/month

Who will love it? Vegans who are looking to expand their snack pantries.

What is it? The perfect snack box when you just need a break man! BREAKbox contains 15-20 afternoon treats like fruit bliss figs and sweet & salty cashews, all GMO-free and with plenty of gluten-free options.

Price: Starts at $20/box

Who will love it? Those who find their afternoon lull dragging them down will enjoy this happy pick me up!


skosh box

What is it? A collection of Japanese snacks and treats.

Price: $10-12/box (depending on your 3, 6, or 12 month subscription), available for online ordering.

Who will love it? This snack box delivery service is great for those who are into Asian culture!

For Sweet Tooths


snack box delivery

What is it? With Treatsie, get all kinds of sweet treats delivered to your door each month, from cookies and chocolate to candies and caramels!

Price: $20/box per month($15 + $5 shipping), but gets cheaper when you pre-pay for 3 or 12 months.

Who will love it? Sweet lovers will go nuts over this one. Plus, you can even order a subscription that only sends chocolate bars (if that’s your style).

CoaCoa Runners

chocolate of the month club

What is it? A box of four different full-size chocolate bars, made from high-quality artisanal chocolate from around the world. While the company is actually UK based, they partner with Standard Cocoa to ship to the U.S.

What it costs: Starting at $24/box for new users (+ extra shipping for folks outside the UK)

Who will love it? Chocolate connoisseur will go cuckoo over this cocoa – you’ll even get detailed info on the different types of chocolate, and how the chocolatiers make the chocolate.

Orange Glad

gourmet food delivery

What is it? Orange Glad is a gourmet dessert subscription box featuring tasty delights like Russian tea cakes and chocolate almond macaroons!

Price: $20-$22/month (depending on subscription length).

Who Will Love It? Anyone with a taste for exotic treats with enjoy this sweet subscription box.

Drink Subscription Boxes

Craft Soda Club

craft soda club

[NOTE: This subscription box is no longer operating]

What is it? Craft sodas are all the rage these days, and Craft Soda Club seeks to help you keep up with the carbonation. Get a monthly delivery of 12 premium artisan sodas made with quality ingredients.

Price: $40/month

Who will love it? Soda slammers will get fizzle at the thought of getting this box!

Driftaway Coffee

driftaway coffee

What is it? A subscription service sending you premium coffee packs once a month (or whenever you choose). Each box includes brewing instructions and info cards detailing where the coffee originates from and what farmers grew it!

Personalize your coffee shipments based on your preferences. Driftaway coffee even comes with an app that lets you rate the coffee you receive, helping Driftaway learn more about your perfect brew and tailor future coffee selections based on your feedback.

Price: $16 – $18 depending on size of coffee bags

Who will love it? Driftaway coffee is the perfect gift for any coffee connoisseur, especially those who like to know the unique story behind their morning brew.

What is it? A collection of coffees from around the world! Craft Coffee delivers three suggested coffee blends for you each month.

Price: $20-25/box depending on subscription length. Use code “27t-mus” for 15% off your order!

Who will love it? Caffeine addicts will think this is one cool cup of joe.


monthly food clubs

What is it? A subscription box of high-end coffee, boasting beans from across the globe. Choose from four small tasting packs or one full-sized coffee pack each month.

Price: Starting at $20/month. Use this referral link to get $10 off your order!

Who will love it? Serious coffee drinkers who think they’ve sipped it all.

Tea Sparrow

tea subscription box

What is it? A tea subscription box containing 4 different loose-lead tea blends from all over the world.

Price: $20/box

Who will love it? Those folks who can’t get enough of their afternoon tea! (note: be sure you have a tea infuser before buying this one).

Alcoholic Drink Boxes

Side Note: Since it’s illegal to ship alcohol in many states, make sure you check which states these services deliver to.

Bitters & Bottles

best monthly subscription boxes

What is it? Your bar in a box, Biters & Bottles delivers 3-6 full size bottles of spirits each month, plus 5 cocktail recipes involving your new alchy ingredients.

Price: $95/box per month.

Who will love it? Mixologists and those who love to craft creative and fun mixed drinks will love this package (although it is on the pricey side).

Craft Beer Club

craft beer club

What is it? Craft Beer Club provides a delivery of 12 cans or bottles of awesome American craft beer (composed of 3 bottles of 4 different kinds of beer) from small, independent breweries.

Price: $40/box per month.

Who will love it? Beer drinkers rejoice!


winc wines

What is it? With Winc, you’ll a collection of unique, interesting wine each month. Answer the Winc questionnaire to help them decipher your preferences and figure out what wines you’ll enjoy! You can also rate the wines you receive, further helping Winc tailor wines to your taste.

Price: Varies depending on wine selection and shipping prices, with prices starting at $13/bottle. Sign up with this link and get $20 off your first order!

Who will love it? Winos will find this one to be a winner!

Shaker & Spoon

shaker and spoon

What is it? Become a bartender pro with Shaker & Spoon, a subscription box that delivers 3 new drink recipes each month! You’ll get all the ingredients (sand alcohol) needed to make 12 drinks (4 from reach recipe), with a collection of syrups, bitters, garnishes, and citrus to deck out your bar.

Price: $50/month

Who will love it? Bartenders and drink connoisseurs.

Other Food Subscription Boxes

Carnivore Club

subscription boxes for men

What is it? Carnivore Club is a food subscription box delivering 4-6 handcrafted cured meats from different producers each month, with everything from sopressata to chicken jerky!

Price: $55/month (get 10% of with code EATMEAT through 4/15/26)

Who will love it? Meat lovers will chow down on these boxes like animals!

The Ramen Box

ramen box

What is it? The Ramen Box is a bi-monthly box providing you with 6-8 specialty instant ramen noodle packs for you to slurp. Plus you’ll get a surprise present that changes each month!

Price: $25/bi-monthly.

Who will love it? Ramen aficionados will enjoy this odd, but noodle-tastic, box.

BBQ Kings Club

bbq kings club

What is it? The BBQ Kings Club delivers a finger-lickin’ good selection of full-sized BBQ sauces, rubs, and recipes to you each month.

Price: $20/month.

Who will love it? BBQ grill masters will love the chance to try different barbecue sauces and rubs.

Grill Masters Box

grill masters club

What is it? Similar to the above BBQ Kings Club box, the Grill Masters Box also provides a great selection of goodies for grill enthusiasts. In addition to specialty rubs, spice blends, marinades, and sauces from all across the country, subscribers will also receive wood ships, salts, and cedar wraps, plus some other bonus items.

Price: $40/month.

Who will love it? Barbecue fans looking to go beyond the basics with their grilling education.

Irie Mon Box


[NOTE: This subscription box is no longer operating]

What is it? The Erie Mon Box delivers a collection of 6-8 items relating to Caribbean cuisine. From snacks, jams, and spiced to hot sauces and drinks, there’s plenty of tasting to do here that provides the “sun is shining” island vibe, no matter where you live.

Price: $40/month.

Who will love it? Those who love Caribbean culture or enjoy traveling and the taste of exotic flavors!

Bestowed (Formerly Conscious Box )

bestowed box

What is it? Get a pack of 7-10 healthy snacks, beverages, and lifestyle items picked by expert nutritionists.

Cost: Ranges from $16-$20/month (depending on your subscription commitment). Get 10% off a subscription with code LOVEHEALTHY.

Who will love it? Great for those who are big into living a healthy lifestyle.

Taste Guru

the best subscription boxes

What is it? A gluten-free subscription box, with GF snacks and other food items to compliment a san gluten lifestyle.

Cost: $15-$20/box depending on your subscription commitment.

Who will love it? The gluten-free, naturally!

Spiced Pantry

spiced pantry box

What is it? Spiced Pantry is a spice subscription box that ships out every 2 months. Each box includes 5-6 full sized ingredients needed to cook a chosen country’s cuisine, along with 6 easy, authentic recipes from around the world.

Price: $40/box

Who will love it? At-home chefs with a taste for world cuisine will enjoy the opportunity to experiment with new foreign dishes and spices!

What is it? A subscription box for the music and foodie fan, this “curated food and music discovery” pack provides an exclusive 7-inch vinyl single, a digital mixtape, two fresh (and local) ingredients,  3 seasonally-appropriate recipes, and tasting notes.

Cost: $25/box

Who will love it? Foodie and music fans!


gift food delivery boxes

What is it? Providing what Mouth calls “indie food” for the masses, Mouth offers American-made organic, fair trade goodies to munch on.

Cost: Subscriptions range from $160 – $260. (Note:Use this link and code EAT15 for 15% off!)

Who will love it? Those with indie palettes who like one-of-a-kind artisan alchy and treats.

Fuego Box

fuego box

What is it? Hot sauce lovers rejoice! Now there is a food subscription box just for you! The Fuego Box heats things up with a monthly delivery of small-batch and craft hot sauces. All sauces are taste-tested by the Fuego Box team (having tasted over 1,000 hot sauces to find the best), who pride themselves on offering authentic, flavorful selections over gimmicky hot sauces.

Price: $13/month.

Who will love it? Hot sauce lovers who can’t resist spice will get all fired up over Fuego Box!


manly subscription boxes

What is it? A food subscription service designed especially for manly men, this box delivers 6 full-sized artisan food stuffs like jerky, sauces, and other man-pantry items.

Price: $75/box (and it comes in an awesome crate).

Who will love it? The manly lumberjack foodie.

Bojerky Beef Jerky Subscription Box


What is it? Are you a jerky lover, longing for that dehydrated beef deliciousness? The Bojerky Beef Jerky Box comes through for you, serving up unique jerky from tough-to-reach spots only locals know. In addition to tasty jerky, you’ll also get a backstory on all the brands to understand exactly where your jerky is coming from!

Price: $10/month.

Who will love it? Any jerky-loving meat eater will want to take a chomp out of Bojerky Beef Jerky Box!

Farm to People

food subscription box

What is it? Farm to People provides 3-4 packs of food each month from small-batch, home-grown producers.

Cost: $30/box

Who will love it? Folks who love farmer’s markets for unique, local foods will appreciate Farm to People.


new subscription boxes

What is it? A subscription box of local Southern staples, ranging from beer jerky to biscuit mix.

Cost: $25-50/box (depending on your subscription commitment and type of box). [Note:Get 10% off your order when you use the coupon BATCHTASTIC with this link!]

Who will love it? Those looking for a touch of souther comfort will adore Batch. Plus they have plenty of flexible subscription choices and customization – pick food from just one specific southern city, or send a friend a themed gift pack.

Yogi Surprise

healthy monthly snack box

What is it? A yogi subscription box providing 6-8 full-sized products to support a yoga lifestyle. All products are GMO-free and 100% vegetarian, and range from snacks and herbal tonics to yoga accessories.

Cost: $36/box – use this link and code YOGILOVE to get 15% off!

Who will love it? Yogis won’t believe this thing is for real! It’s a dream come true.

There you have it – 35 of the tastiest, healthiest, nom-iest food subscription boxes around. Do you have any favorite food subscription boxes you want to add? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “35+ Best Food Subscription Services”

  1. I am not usually one to leave nasty reviews, however my current experience with BBQ Kings Club leaves me little choice.
    Back in August, I ordered a three month BBQ Kings Club Subscription as a gift for my stepfather for his birthday. My stepfather has told me that he was able to claim his subscription online, but that he had not been sent anything yet. He emailed BBQ Kings Club three times, and never heard back from them.
    I am extremely disappointed, as I ordered the subscription on August 28th, and my stepfather claimed his gift on September 17th. I was led to believe by the BBQ King’s Club website that this gift would be a three month subscription, with each box coming every month after the gift was claimed. I have already paid them $116.97, almost six months ago, and have nothing to show for it.
    I’m sure you understand that this is very embarrassing for me, as it was a gift.
    My stepfather now informs me that that the BBQ King’s Club website says that his subscription has now expired, despite having received ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from them.
    I have attempted to contact them many times via their website form, email, and facebook messenger. I even posted on their facebook wall. I have received no reply other than an automated response: “Thanks for reaching out! We’ll be with you in just a moment”. I received this response over three weeks ago. They do not have a telephone number, and are therefore impossible to contact.
    I must say that their customer service is abysmal. I have for six months been sending emails and messages into the cybernetic void, politely asking BBQ King’s Club to either fill the order or refund my money, all to no avail. I have neither heard from them, nor received anything from them and yet they still have my money.


    • Wow, I’m so sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience with BBQ Kings! I hope you manage to get in contact with them. Did you order through their website or Cratejoy? Maybe it’s worth reaching out to Cratejoy to see if they can help.


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